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Lip Blush
at Emblem Skin. + Ink   in Minnetonka

Enhance your natural lip color or go for a custom color with waterproof permanent makeup. This cosmetic tattoo solution provides a defined shape with long lasting and time saving results. 


Initial Appointment $500

Time                              3.5-4 hours


This is a 2-3 step appointment with a 6-12 week healing time in-between treatments. 

Lip Blush is natural enhancement that can add symmetry, fullness and soft color to your lips. After your 6-8 week touchup, the color can last anywhere from 1-4 years depending on lifestyle, internal and external factors that are different for everyone. The healing process consists of some swelling the day of, tightness, flaking at day 4 and possibly additional shedding at day 5 through 7. True color results bloom after many weeks of healing. 

 The color shifts and changes throughout the weeks directly following treatment until settling in at about 4 -8 weeks. You will return for a touchup at week 6-12 weeks where we will add another layer of color if needed or replace any loss of color that may have occurred during healing. Some guests may choose to do an additional 6-12 week follow up depending on desired results and healing factors. 

Highly Recommended For Long Term Results~  6-8 Week Touchup

$150 Time 2.5 -3 hours

Cassandra is a licensed highly skilled, experienced permanent makeup artist and Advanced Practice Esthetician in Minnetonka, conveniently located on the border of Eden Prairie, Edina, Hopkins, St. Louis Park, and Minneapolis.

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