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Initial Appointment                     $600

Time                                           3.5-4 hours



As one of our most popular cosmetic tattoo procedures, this treatment has helped countless clients feel more confident, saved them precious time in the morning and given them the

natural results they were looking for.

Nano Brows/Combination

Nano Brows are created using the cosmetic tattoo machine creating hairstrokes with less trauma and easier healing than other hair stroke options. The customization of this method makes it Cassandra's favorite method of micropigmentation. We can add as little or as much shading as needed to create fullness and density for the most desired effect. 

Highly Recommended For Best Long Term Results~

6-8 Week Nano Brow Touch Up Appointment Time 2-3 hours depending on initial retention of ink. 


nano brows before and after

6weeks healed

After Touchup

microbladed eyebrows 9687476C-7015-4B8B-AF68-CBA6CD791347.png

Nano Strokes in front with shading throughout the brow for a Combination Brow

healed nano brows

Immediately after treatment


Healed after 1 treatment

powder brow

Powder Brows 

Initial Appointment $550

Appointment time- 3 1/2 hours 

Powdered brows are a great choice for those wanting a soft makeup look.  Powder brows are perfect for all skin types though guests with oily skin, delicate skin, and environmentally damaged skin always have the best results with this technique.



Highly Recommended For Long Term Results~  6-8 Week Touchup

$150 Time 2.5 -3 hours

Lip Blush

Initial Appointment $500

Time                              3.5-4 hours

Lip Blush is natural enhancement that can add symmetry, fullness and soft color to your lips. After your 6-8 week touchup, the color can last anywhere from 1-4 years depending on lifestyle, internal and external factors that are different for everyone. The healing process consists of some swelling the day off, tightness, flaking at day 4 and possibly additional shedding at day 5 through 7.

Lip Blush




 The color shifts and changes throughout the weeks directly following treatment until settling in at about 4 weeks. You will return for a touchup at week 6-8 where we will add another layer of color if need-be or replace any loss of color that may have occurred during healing. Some guests may choose to do an additional 6-8 week follow up depending on desired results and healing factors. 


*Please take precautions by using an over the counter anti viral for at least 3 days prior to your treatment, the day of and at least 3 days following if you have ever had or suspect you may have had cold sores in the past. 

healed lip blush

Highly Recommended For Long Term Results~  6-8 Week Touchup

$150 Time 2.5 -3 hours

Some may choose to do a 2nd touchup for perfecting depending on the goals of the individual. 


ABOUT Cassandra 

Where Beauty Is Art

Cassandra Schorn grew up in Northern California in the Sierra Nevadas along the Yuba River. She and her siblings spent all their time outdoors exploring, swimming and imagining what was beyond the mountains. 

Cassandra's connection to nature, art, music  and the treasured relationships with her friends is what makes up her core. 

After moving to Minneapolis on a whim (another adventure) she decided that esthetician school was a fitting path as it incorporated makeup artistry and eyebrow shaping which she already loved. She got her license and got married in the same year of 2006. 

Her two incredible daughters arrived in 2014 and 2016. 

Micropigmentation became the next obsession for Cassandra in 2017 when she began learning microblading and she has never looked back. Getting to incorporate art every day fills the creative space in her life and making real changes in the skin with so many fantastic tools available (like microneedling and LASERS!) she considers a privilege. 

Emblem Skin + Ink was founded in 2023. It is the culmination of thousands of hours of education and teaching others that Cassandra has dedicated to her practice. She is always growing and adding to her scope of expertise and is so excited for what the future holds. 


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Emblem Skin + Ink 

5810 Baker Rd. Suite 100 A

Minnetonka, MN 55345


Liquid Bubbles


Im looking forward to the brow touch-up! I love not having to draw fake looking brows on my face any longer! I also find that I use makeup quite a bit less too!"

Lynn W.

Hi Cassandra, I just have to thank you for being such an awesome artist!
Honestly, you made each stroke perfectly, and my brows look quite real. 
(just as I had hoped)
You are such a caring person and so professional, I sure can see why you come so highly recommended!!"

Susanna W.

"..I'm loving them BTY!!! Thank you so much for all the care and love to help me get the shape and style that I want! I always appreciate this about you."
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